What is #KidMIN

#KidMin stands for Kids Ministry.

I was once asked in seminary, “When are you going to become a real pastor?” The question shocked me but it is often a perception many people have when it comes to kids ministry. I shepherded a younger flock and children’s ministry isn’t where I’ve settled until an another opportunity to minister arises elsewhere, it is my calling and passion. I am a Children’s Pastor.

The Two Secrets of Revival

This is a great article that highlights repentance and prayer as the secrets of revival. Written by Andrew Storm We have discussed many aspects of “Reformation” and structural change needed in the church. But the two secrets of Revival that we are about to look at, have very little to do with these kinds of […]

My Personal Theology of Missions

I recently completed a reflection paper entitled My Personal Theology of Missions. INTRODUCTION: For many Christians when they hear the word “missions” they think of missionaries and appeals for financial support. Missions have often been reduced to whether you will be a missionary or not. However, after taking the course World Christian Perspectives, I realize […]

King Zavid & Zephiboseth

This video is based on the Bible story of Kind David’s kindness to Mephibosheth found in 2 Samuel 9.  I wrote this skit with the alien characters in mind. It was originally a live puppet skit performed in Kid’s Church.  I hope you enjoy it. Give it a few seconds to load. Video Length: 4:30 […]

Testimonies from Children

Listen to these amazing testimonies from the children of Cornerstone Church. [display_podcast] Testimonies are powerful because they release the power of Jesus to all who hear them. I taught the children how they overcome the enemy “by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony” Revelation 12:11. I know these testimonies […]

Salvation Skit – John 1

I recorded and edited this Salvation skit. The words come from John chapter 1. The narration is by Amanda Hilburn, who is a talented 12 year old girl in my middle school ministry. I hope this is a blessing to you. [display_podcast] Again all the words come from John 1. The verses are just arranged […]

God Uses Kids!!! Ten Year Old Nathan Preaching.

Listen to 10 year old Nathan preach and share his testimonies. One day during our weekly discipleship class I taught Nathan about the power of the testimony and how testimonies release the power of Jesus. At first I was going to have Nathan write his testimony, but then I realized I had purchased a new […]