My Grandmother

I’d like to share a recorded sermon from my grandmother Elizabeth (Betty) Botz. She was an amazing children’s pastor. God flowed through her in a mighty way. She brought the love of Jesus to thousands of children and inspired hundreds of men and women along the way. She went home to heaven 3 years ago and I am a carrying the mantle of my grandmother.

VBS Healing Testimonies 2

The 2nd grade & 4th Grade chapel services where not recorded, but there were more testimonies in each of those services including a hearing impaired boy being able to hear in his right ear! THANK YOU JESUS!!!

3rd Grade testimonies are posted below. Listen to the whole 5th & 6th Grade service in the post below.


Do you believe in Miracles? Listen to the whole thing, you won’t be disappointed. You got to hear the testimonies at the end of this service!!! This recording is our 5th/6th grade service. We had 3 other chapels and many more amazing testimonies!

Faith pulls down the promises of God from Heaven!!!