God Uses Kids!!! Ten Year Old Nathan Preaching.

Listen to 10 year old Nathan preach and share his testimonies. One day during our weekly discipleship class I taught Nathan about the power of the testimony and how testimonies release the power of Jesus. At first I was going to have Nathan write his testimony, but then I realized I had purchased a new microphone and perhaps recording his testimony would be more fun. I was amazed by the anointed words that came out of this young man so I produced the following recording. I pray that Nathan’s faith ignites your faith!


I have the amazing opportunity to meet with Nathan weekly for one on one discipleship. Nathan is a special young man with an evident calling upon his life. He has a hunger for God’s word and His presence. In partnership with Nathan’s parents, I have been discipling Nathan since March 2009. Each week we spend time in worship and prayer and discuss his spiritual development. I’ve also given Nathan opportunities to minister during our children’s services on Sunday. I realize that discipleship is simply being used by God to create an atmosphere of growth for those God calls you to disciple. I pray that God continues to use me as someone who helps Nathan towards his prophetic destiny.

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