Ignite the Supernatural – Children’s Pastors Conference

On January 31 I will be attending the Ignite the Supernatural Children’s Pastors Conference in Orlando, FL. I have been to a number of conferences in the past, but this one is unique in its purpose. I look forward to this conference and I hope to meet other passionate children’s ministers from around the world.

Here’s some general info:

The 2008 Ignite the Supernatural Conference is a gathering of dissatisfied, desperate children’s ministry leaders from around the globe coming together to cry out for a supernatural outpouring of God’s Spirit upon this generation of children.

Joel prophesied of a great outpouring of God’s Spirit upon children. (Joel 2:28). Peter announced that the day of the outpouring had arrived. (Acts 2:16). And yet today many children’s ministry leaders have yet to see that outpouring in their children. The Ignite the Supernatural Conferences are gatherings of people who desperately want to see God’s Spirit come upon their children.

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